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Boner FAQ

Postby Dris (imported) on Thu Dec 07, 2006 2:05 pm

Who are we?

TDB, who else? A guild where casual players with a real life can enjoy playing WoW, do some enjoyable but serious raiding and be part of the progress we make there.

What do we look for in you?

Positive attitude
Reliability and Punctuality
Willingness to help others
Fun-focussed attitude to the game
Non-loot driven gameplay
Honesty and reliablity

We don't have gear requirements for joining the guild, but it's essential to have decent gear for running 10 and 25man instances. We may enforce a strict gear and 'boss-experience' requirement for new and/or especially challenging content. Details available from your class officer. [Updated by Mayen to remove ZA reference]

What can you expect?

At this time we have regular raids Dragon Soul, including heroic progression attempts when fitting. [Updated by Mayen to remove old raids]
Help on your quests, and tons of advice, helpful and otherwise Image
A fun-focussed attitude to the game
Insane guildchat Image

What are our (current) goals?

Have fun. Oddly enough, that is always our main goal.
Conquer the 25man instances and whatever Blizz can throw at us!

What did we achieve so far?

Cataclysm achievements:
Bastion of Twilight: 4/6 HC
Blackwing Descent: 4/6 HC
Throne of The Four Winds: 2/2
Firelands: 6/7 HC + Meta
Dragon Soul: 1/8 HC

WOTLK achievements:
Naxxramas: 15/15
Ulduar: 14/14 + Meta
Trial of the Crusader: 5/5 HC
Icecrown Citadel: 12/12 HC + Meta

TBC achievements:
Kara: 12/12
ZA: 6/6
SSC: 6/6
GRUUL: 2/2
TK: 4/4
HYJAL: 5/5
BT: 9/9

Major don'ts

No begging for gold or items in guild chat
No begging for babysitting runs through low level instances.
If no one is available to give to a hand on something, don't make a big deal out of it. You won't always be available when someone else needs your help either.
No selling in guild chat. For making money, there are the AH and trade channels. If you found an item you know (or expect) a fellow guild member is looking for, but you don't want to just give it away, there's /w. Giving away items in guild the guild channel, is no problem.

I have no interest in raiding at all, but I would like to join a guild anyway. Am I welcome to TDB?

Currently, no. Friends of existing members are generally welcome, but random social members are not. This is because we have a rather packed roster already.

What about my alts, can they join too?

Generally, alts of any level are welcome. However, the character you joined with will be considered your main (raiding) character and you will be expected to join raids with that character. You can't use your level 85 warlock as a way to get your rogue of the same level into the guild for raiding purposes. We do however, run alt runs to instances for the purpose of gearing up other characters not considered raiding mains.

And my real life friends and family?

If they are not interested in raiding at all, friends etc. are welcome as social members. If they're looking for more than a social spot, then they will be trialled in the same way as others. We don't want to disapppoint long-time members, nor do we want to recruit people if we can't give them what they are looking for.

Do I need a lot of add-ons?

Our only mandatory addon for raiders is Deadly Boss Mods, or a similar addon. For damage dealing classes we also recommend a threat meter of sorts. You're welcome to use any other addons of your own choosing as long as it dosen't have an annoying spam functionality.

*cookies can be posted to the officer lounge. we like all flavours.

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