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General Rules

Postby Mayen_special on Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:33 am

Things we don't like

  • Begging in guild chat (boosts, gold, anything)
  • Asking for boosts to begin with is frowned upon
  • Selling in guild chat (donating items is permitted)
  • Editing guild notes of others
  • Give the guild bad name. When you wear our tag, you're not only putting your own reputation on the line, the guild's reputation will also be affected.
  • Loot whores
  • Use languages other than English in the guild chat
  • Post damage meter results. Everyone who is interested is generally running their own anyway.
  • l33t sp33k. Or text message speak. Those are a pain to read. History has also shown that if you're into typing like that, you won't last in the guild anyway.

There are no restrictions regarding topics or swearing in the guild chat, but we obviously intend the guild to be a pleasant place of spending time in, so any kind of disruptive behavior should be avoided.

One common phenomena which many find annoying is something dubbed "Radio PVP", where someone is giving blow-by-blow of their pvp or other adventures without realizing its irrelevance to other guildies. Please avoid doing this.
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