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Guild Bank

Postby Mayen_special on Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:11 am

Who gets to use guild bank?

All raiders (BoneRaider rank) have full access to items in the guild bank, as well as guild bank repairs (as permitted). Non-raiders have more limited access, as high end gear, patterns and raid consumables are intended for raiding use. Regular crafting materials and various other lower end goods can be used by them as well however. Recruits do not have any bank access.

How can I get items from the bank?

You will have to ask an officer to fetch the items you desire for you. You are expected to pay for most goods; the going price is half of what you'd have to pay at auction house.

If it can be argued that it is more for the benefit of the guild rather than your personal benefit (such as materials for resistance gear for tanks) the cost can be reduced or lifted entirely.

When can I use guild bank repairs?

Guild bank repairs are to be used exclusively for repairing damage caused by progression raids. You are fully responsible for your own repair costs caused in 10-mans and older 25-man content and other small group/solo content.

What can be found in the bank (and if I want to contribute, what should I put there)?
  • High-end crafting materials
  • Superior quality Bind on Equip for various levels
  • Gems
  • Glyphs
  • Raid consumables (flask, buff food etc.)
  • Enchanting materials and scrolls
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