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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:19 pm
by Mayen_special
As necessary, new members are recruited to the guild to fill raid positions that otherwise are lacking. Initially all such new members are granted the rank of Recruit, and their trial begins. A trial can also be held for old non-raiding guild members, which is handled similarly.

This trial usually lasts 2 weeks, although it can be extended if necessary (typically because of absences), or cut short in the case of an obvious denial. During this time the recruit is to showcase his or her skillset in progression raids, and preferably also in other runs as well (10-mans and 5-man heroics). Social factors are also considered, someone who gets on the guildies' nerves will not be considered for a permanent position regardless of raid performance.

At the end of the trial officers decide if the trialee should be offered a permanent position, or if the position is denied. Opinions of guild members are of course taken into consideration as well.

Restrictions during trial

There are a number of restrictions that are applied to trialees. Once they become full members, the restrictions no longer apply.
  • No guild bank access; neither for items nor repairs
  • Only one alt is permitted in the guild
  • If a raid has too many signups, trialees are the first ones generally left out in favor of full members

There are no restrictions regarding loot, trialees and full members follow the same rules.