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Official progression raids


Official, scheduled guild raids to 25-man dungeons happen on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, on a weekly basis (with rare exceptions). Invites start at 20:15 CET (ST) and all signed up raiders should be available for inviting at that time. Actual raiding should start at around 20:30. Raids normally end some time between 23:00 and 23:15 CET (ST).


Everyone who was recruited to be a raider, or was otherwise permitted is allowed to sign up for raids. For any given raid, the attendees are selected primarily from those signed up, based on factors such as raid balance, past attendance and performance, just to mention a few.

You are only allowed on progression raids on your one raiding character, in your main raiding spec. Exceptions are only made when necessary for raid balance.

How do I sign up?

We use a web-based sign-up system called Bwnage. The direct address is, or it can be accessed using links on the forums. The system uses the same login information as the forum.

Signing up is considered to be an expression of interest, nothing more. As long as you've signed up for a raid at least 48 hours before the start time you will be considered an option when raid invites are about to happen. You can still sign up after that deadline, however people that signed up before you might have priority in that case. For progression raids it is corteous, although not necessary, to sign up as "not attending" for raids you know you will not be present for.

Missing raids

Repeatedly missing raids you signed up for can be lead to loss of raiding privileges. If at all possible, please notify the raid leader about your absence beforehand. This can be done in-game (chat, whisper, mail), through a friend that will be on to inform the raid leader, or in a (private) message on this forum.

What about loot

Majority of the loot is distributed using a points system called BRP. Please see an article discussing the system for more details.

Trash drops are not subject to the system, and basic need/greed (main/off spec) roll is done for those. Patterns and loot from trivialized bosses are also excluded from the system and a simple /roll is done for them.

Trialees are permitted to roll on loot just as regular members can, however consideration should be taken especially before rolling on crafting patterns as such can provide longer term benefit to the guild.

Attendance requirements

We do not have strict attendance requirements, but in order to remain a raider you are expected to be present often. Of course, pre-arranged longer term absences are generally not an issue, although for trialees this is likely to lead to termination of the trial due to inability to demonstrate their abilities.

What should I bring with me?

  • Flasks and/or elixirs
  • Buff food (fish is usually available, but not to be relied on)
  • Potions (healing/mana/buff)
  • Reagents your class needs
  • Basic knowledge of the bosses
  • Fully enchanted and gemmed gear. For current this generally means best enchants and at least superior quality gems.
  • If you expect to need to use offspec gear during the raid, it should also be enchanted and gemmed.
  • Enough gold for repairs

Other raids

Am I allowed to pug... ?

All raiders are forbidden to raid current raid content on their raiding characters with other groups. Exceptions are made if no official raids are arranged during that reset period. Right now this applies to Dragon Soul normal, and of course heroic mode. LFR will not get you saved, so that's okay to do.

You are allowed to pug older raid content such as tier 11 or tier 12, unless we have these raids scheduled for this lockout period.

What about pugging on my alts?

As long as raiding on an alt doesn't interfere with your raiding on your main, you are free to do as you please.

Arranging your own runs

With the exception of current 25-man raid content, everyone is free to arrange their own raids using the raid signup system (strictly speaking alt runs would be permitted for current raid content as well, but getting such a run together is highly unlikely at best).

Large portition of the guild is not interested in PUGs, so do not expect to get a mixed guild/pug run together.

I have this most important thing I have to tell the raid leader, right now, during the raid

No, you don't. The raid leader is very busy arranging things as it is, so try to avoid making things any worse. Unless you're really sure you need to talk to him and him alone, please contact either your class officer or other officers in the raid first.
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