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Postby Mayen_special on Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:40 am

This section applies mostly to raiders. For other purposes if you want guidance regarding your talents, your class officer is the person you should talk to.

Is there a specific talent build I should have?

We don't enforce any specific talent builds, but you are required to make sure that the build you are using is
a) suitable for the role you were recruited for (ie. don't swap from healing spec to dps spec for raids)
b) a viable pve build

If you are not certain your new spec fills these requirements, please contact your class officer.

What if I want to change my talent spec?

As long as you're sticking to a commonly accepted build or a close variation of one without affecting your role in a raid, there should be no issues. For other major changes, please consult your class officer.

If you want to make a more substantial change, for example changing from melee dps role to healing role, it is mandatory that you consult your class officer before going ahead with the changes. Unless you are granted permission for such a change you may lose your raid spot due raid balance issues. Also be prepared to present the gear you would be using, as lacking sufficient gear is a possible reason for rejecting your request.

Offspecs and progression raids

For raiding purposes everyone has a single spec they stick to for all main spec rolls. Gear for any other spec is always considered offspec gear, so a tank that is asked to DPS will still be needing tank gear and offspecing DPS gear.

As a general rule everyone is expected to be in their main spec when raiding. If the role remains constant between specs (ie. 2 ranged dps builds), alternative specs can be used freely as long as the secondary build and associated gear meet the requirements set for using it. Consult your class officer for more information.

Due to raid balance requirements certain raiders may at times be asked to perform in offspec roles. This is only done when necessary. When decisions regarding using offspecs are made, gear, experience and past performance are considered, along with "who can we afford to lose from their normal role" considerations.

Other raids

For older raids, along with 10-man content, alts and people not in their normal spec are normally considered to be in comparable positions; they are usually either both permitted, or neither is.

Whether or not rolling is done based on main spec, or the spec being used is up to the discretion of the raid leader.

Dual spec

As we expect everyone to have one primary raiding spec, we don't have any requirements regarding dual spec. Of course, if a situation arises where people are needed in a talent spec they normally would not be using, only people that have invested in dual spec can realistically be considered.
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