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Postby Mayen_special on Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:52 pm

Who is welcome?

All alts of guild members are allowed in the guild, all you have to do to get an invite is ask any officer for one. This does not generally apply to new recruits until their trial is over. Trialees are generally permitted to have one alt in the guild, but exceptions can be made if it makes sense to do so.

My alt needs a SM boost!

This "babysitting" as we call it is generally not desired in the guild. While it might be fine at times to ask a higher level to help because of, say, an exceptionally nice quest reward, repeatedly asking for boosting is not. You are free to ask people of your own level to join your run.

What about raids?

Alts are not permitted on our scheduled 25-man raids. They are however welcome on non-scheduled raids to older content, and especially well geared alts are also allowed to join bleeding edge 10-man raids.

Using guild bank for alts

The guild bank has a reasonably wide selection of gear intented to help lower level (and fresh 80) characters, including alts. Other reasonably easily obtainable items (such as glyphs) can also be purchased for alts.

High end gear and patterns, and typical raid consumables are primarily for raid use, and as such generally not available to alts.

I want to raid with another guild on my alt

It is not our concern what you do with your alts. However, keep in mind that raiding with another guild is not an acceptable reason for missing one of our raids.

I want to stop raiding on my main and raid with an alt

Changing your main is tricky business. If you are certain you wish to do so, make sure you talk to your class officer, would-be class officer and dristan. Whether or not we can permit the change (in the sense that you get to raid in the new role) depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to gear level of the alt, raid balance requirements of both new and old role and so on. Do not expect to change back any time soon either, so make sure it is something you are committed to do well.
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