74 Hunter wants to join

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74 Hunter wants to join

Postby Thundersparx (imported) on Sun Dec 21, 2008 7:09 pm

Character name: Thundersparx (got 70 priest also: Ecaria)

Character class: Hunter

Character level: atm 74

Character spec: Marksmanship

Character tradeskill professions and levels:

Leatherworking: 387

Skinning: 450

In The Devils Backbone we use the WoW voice chat. Please make sure you are familiar with it. A microphone is not required but you do need to listen to tactics and hilarious banter.

Highest boss killed in SSC: Lurker

Highest boss killed in TK: Voidreaver

Highest boss killed in MH: /

Highest boss killed in BT: /

Make sure to give us an armory link (try to log off in the gear you wish to raid in e.g. healers log off in healing gear)

Also, make sure to have your gear enchanted. Under geared people may still get accepted if they take the effort to enchant their gear properly. Conversely, well geared people with no enchants may be turned down, or told to enchant their gear ASAP before raids.

Previous guild(s): Dutch Inc

Reasons why you would like to join: In TBC i've been raiding with TDB sometimes and i was really enjoying it. Now in Wotlk it would be nice to have that experience again. When i stopped with wow at july i've still been contacting Hawksun and he said that i can try to apply here for TDB ^^

Were all of the above characters levelled by you from the start?: Yes they were

Thundersparx (imported)

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