Caradune application, Casual, not hardcore :)

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Caradune application, Casual, not hardcore :)

Postby Caradune (imported) on Thu Sep 11, 2008 6:37 pm

Name: Caradune

Class: Rogue - Assassination 44-12-5

Armory Link:

by the way, please excuse the fishing rod, im applying from work and i cant connect to wow to change it first Image I have the emerald ripper from Kara as my weapon that would normally go there.

Right, so, before we go on, I'd like to say that im not applying to join as a hardcore raider or anything, because I have nowhere near the gear standard. I'd like to join to become part of The Devils Backbone community and maybe participate in a few Karazhan runs and Heroics to boost my gear whenever possible.

My reasons for applying to you are simple. I am good friends with Torturon who is in your guild, and, after I said i was looking for a bigger guild to progress my end-game experience, he said that maybe I could try here as a non-raider basis.

My reasons for wanting to leave my current guild Kernow Pirates? Well, its my one and only ever guild, and I love them to pieces, but I feel that no heroics or Karazhan's are ever planned, and, however much i feel i'd like to stay with them, want to atleast try my hand at some softcore stuff atleast before WotLK. And i feel that this is logically the next step for me, a guild that is slightly above me, can help nurture me into a better player, without feeling that they have to rely on me to help them progress.

A little about me? Well im a female, 31 years old, named Caroline Dunn, and I work as a graphic designer. Interesting stuff eh? I am a lively outgoing person and i feel i could add to the atmosphere of guild chat if nothing else. I am playing most evenings after work and would participate in alot of events that people feel im good enough for, plus other things Image

I hope you have enjoyed reading my application, and I hope, very much, that you accept me into your fantastic guild.
Caradune (imported)

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