Sneakydeal - Warlock (Destruction)

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Sneakydeal - Warlock (Destruction)

Postby Qeuldanil on Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:45 pm

Your age: 24

Your nationality: Finnish

Can you use Discord and do you have a microphone (you don't need to speak to join but we do need you to listen): Yes

How long have you been playing WOW: I think I started my own sub just when WotLK came out. I then cancelled somewhere in Cata for a while and then came back for each expansion launch and kept playing in Legion. I've also been active on private servers (WotLK) for most of the time between breaks.

Will you be able to attend the raids (answer yes, no or maybe):
Monday 20.15-23.00: Yes
Tuesday 20.15-23.00: Maybe
Thursday 20.15-23.00: Yes


Character name: Sneakydeal

Character class: Warlock

Character ilevel: 357

How long have you been level 120 (use /played in-game): 2days 10hours (haven’t played with this toon for a moment now because I have 3x 120 that I frequently play too)

Character spec: Destruction

What stats do you think it is important for your character to focus on: Intellect > Haste >= Crit

Do you have an offspec and do you have gear for it: Yes

Character tradeskill professions and levels: Engineering 21, Skinning 150

Make sure to give us an armory link using the armory button above inserting your character name between the tags (please log off in your PvE gear): ... Sneakydeal

What sets you aside from other applicants: I’m not mentally retarded and I have played a lot in the past. I seek to improve myself every time and try my best to learn from mistakes I or someone else makes. I have proven myself capable of carrying my own weights in the past and aim to do so in the future as well.

Previous guild(s): Infidels

Reason(s) why you left previous guild(s): Want to progress a bit. Our guild is more social based and the few raids they do are in a bad spot for me.

Reasons why you would like to join: Two IRL friends of mine, Delduwath and Behavior, are in your guild and I've heard many praises about you being very friendly, trustworthy and professional They have been trying to talk me into raiding more actively since they started here, but I've been super busy, but now I should have the time for it again.

Are there any people in the guild that you know: Delduwath, Behavior

As of a side note, my other 120 are my main Qeuldanil (resto druid) and my most recent 120 Elysara (mage). With those I mostly do pvp and I've been most active with lately. If I'm not online on Sneakydeal, you might want to try those two.
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Re: Sneakydeal - Warlock (Destruction)

Postby Drexx on Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:50 am

Hi Sneakydeal,

Thanks for the application. We've discussed it and are happy to offer you a trial. Give any of the officers a whisper in game and we'll get you invited.
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