Salvidor ( Restoration druid)

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Salvidor ( Restoration druid)

Postby Salvidor on Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:11 am

Your nationality:

Can you use Discord and do you have a microphone (you don't need to speak to join but we do need you to listen): Not yet i can lissen though.

How long have you been playing WOW: 8 years with breaks

Will you be able to attend the raids (answer yes, no or maybe):
Monday 20.15-23.00: Yes
Tuesday 20.15-23.00: Yes
Thursday 20.15-23.00: Yes


Character name: Salvidor
Character class: Druid

Character ilevel: 935

How long have you been level 110 (use /played in-game):
For about 3 weeks now ,
Started wow again because of a colleague at work persuaded me to play again ;)

Character spec: Restoration

What stats do you think it is important for your character to focus on:
Haste = 13%
Critical Strike;29%

The reason for these stats above is because im an raid healer.
And for healing over time i think mastery/crit/haste are the main things you need.

Character tradeskill professions and levels:
Mining 216 /Herbalism 343

When i started again i thaught this is the main cash maker.
But the economy changed so big that herbs / mining nodes is not only the best way to grind gold.

So i might go for jewelcrafting later.

Make sure to give us an armory link using the armory button above inserting your character name between the tags (please log off in your PvE gear): ... n/salvidor

What sets you aside from other applicants:
Kind guy very relaxed and down for some raiding/ heroic dungeons.
Always active online atleast once a day for a few hours or more.

And i do not mind helping others at all.

Previous guild(s):(forgot the name )
Whas a more social guild.
Not active at all so i went looking for a more active one.

Always meeting up with my friend ingame so didnt really needed a guild back then.

Reasons why you would like to join:
I am done with LFR and want to go to the next level.
And that is only possible with a guild who is active in raiding/ HC's .

By the way the name of the guild is awsome.

Are there any people in the guild that you know: Only had mail-contact with Narubian
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Re: Salvidor ( Restoration druid)

Postby Nerubian on Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:07 am

We will get back to you once we have discussed wont be long =)
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Re: Salvidor ( Restoration druid)

Postby Nerubian on Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:49 pm

Happy to let you know that you have been invited as trial welcome =)
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