Raveneth - Mage

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Raveneth - Mage

Postby Revenice on Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:09 am

Your age:

Your nationality:

Can you use Discord and do you have a microphone (you don't need to speak to join but we do need you to listen):
Although I'm not always the most talkative, yes on both.

How long have you been playing WOW:
Have been playing on and off through vanilla and all of the expansions. Most of my time played was during Vanilla, TBC, WotLK and Cataclysm. Had a big break during WoD and the start of the current expansion.

Will you be able to attend the raids (answer yes, no or maybe):
Monday 20.15-23.00: Yes
Tuesday 20.15-23.00: Maybe
Thursday 20.15-23.00: Yes
Might be subject to change in the future.


Character name: Raveneth

Character class: Mage

Character ilevel: 929

How long have you been level 110 (use /played in-game):
/played: ~6 days on level 110, can't remember over how long in real time.
It's not overly long, since I divided my time across some other characters. My start in this expansion was a bit of searching what character to main, since I wanted something else then my long time mains (hunter & warrior) after the long brake I had. Changed to this mage as my main and liking it a lot (should've done it sooner).
The other classes that I currently have on 110 are my Shaman and Paladin, which I don't mind switching to if the need is there.

Character spec:

What stats do you think it is important for your character to focus on:
Crit until around 30% for the shatter crits, then either versatility or haste, generally try to avoid mastery and sim it when in doubt.

Do you have an offspec and do you have gear for it:
Still need to play around with my available gear for the other specs, but I’m familiar with both Arcane and Fire.

Character tradeskill professions and levels:
Enchanting and herbalism.
Haven't been focused on professions for a while now (and when I did, mostly gathering), so nothing worthy to talk about to be honest, but planning to pick it up (enchanting & tailoring probably).

Make sure to give us an armory link using the armory button above inserting your character name between the tags (please log off in your PvE gear):

What sets you aside from other applicants:
I'm just a laid back person who likes helping out and doing some grouped content when online. Other than that I'm always up for learning new things, be it new tactics, content, specs or classes and getting serious when the need is there.

Previous guild(s):
Dutch Inc, until they disbanded.
Asherons Exiles (not so keen on this one).

Reason(s) why you left previous guild(s):
Dutch Inc - No more activity, stayed for multiple restarts, but bled out over time nonetheless.
Asherons Exiles - Nothing to say really, had fun with some of the members, wasn't active most of the time in this guild, but had issues with the Guild Leader for some good reasons (which I could've known, some people never change).

Reasons why you would like to join:
The combination of the previous expansion(s) (and in lesser extend pervious guild), sucked the fun out of playing the game. But I'm having a blast during this expansion and the preview of the next, so the only thing missing is a nice guild.
I was looking for a guild with friendly casual/relaxed people who also know a thing or two about raiding and know what they are doing in the game. And since I'm seeing quite a few old Dutch Inc members in the roster with whom I played quite some time back in the days, I'm confident that The Devils Backbone is a place that'll feel like home quite quickly. (Plus, the guild name is just awesome, had to say it).

Are there any people in the guild that you know:
The first who pop in mind are Evolet (already had contact in game) and Sarsox, but when scrolling though the roster I recognize a lot more names.
I think when people recognize me, it's from my mains in the previous expansions: My hunter Revenice (namechanged from iicemann around WotLK I think) and my warrior Icedout (namechanged from Icedkiller around the same time). Both are on the way to 110 as well, but not as mains anymore.
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Re: Raveneth - Mage

Postby Løyning on Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:33 am

Hello Raveneth!

Thanks for a well written application. We've looked it over, and decided to offer you a trial. We'll not let the fact that you know Sarsox cloud our judgement on this one. ;)

Welcome, and good luck! :)
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Re: Raveneth - Mage

Postby Revenice on Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:58 am

Awesome, will see you guys in game!
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