Sarodogs Death Knight

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Sarodogs Death Knight

Postby Sarodogs on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:42 pm

Your age: 18

Your nationality: Swedish

Can you use Discord and do you have a microphone (you don't need to speak to join but we do need you to listen): I have a Discord account and can use it. Got a mic as well.

How long have you been playing WOW: Well i began playing roughly 2008. Played a few year then stopped. came back around 2012-2013. Been playing ever since with small breaks in betwen.

Will you be able to attend the raids (answer yes, no or maybe):
Monday 20.15-23.00: Should be no real problem.
Tuesday 20.15-23.00: No problem i can think off.
Thursday 20.15-23.00: Might be a problem currently. I am currently "interning" at a place for a few weeks on Thursday and Friday so i have to go up earlier then usual on that day and cant stay up as late. But its only a few weeks left.


Character name: Sarodogs

Character class: Death Knight

Character ilevel: 926

How long have you been level 110.15 days,5 hours,52 minutes, 30 seconds

Character spec: Frost

What stats do you think it is important for your character to focus on:
Aside from the obvious strength i need haste, mastery and critical strike the most. Trying to get as much haste as i can right now.

Do you have an offspec and do you have gear for it:
I have the blood artifact but i stopped using it and threw away all my gear.

Character tradeskill professions and levels: Engineering:690 and mining:691.

Make sure to give us an armory link using the armory button above inserting your character name between the tags ... n/sarodogs):

What sets you aside from other applicants:
Not sure i dont really read every other application. I like to talk and i am polite and respectful to people. I have a huge passion for this game due to how it is connected to my childhood and i love the lore and reaching new heights.

Previous guild(s): House Of Proudmoore.

Reason(s) why you left previous guild(s):
It just kinda died down. Its really sad. It was great from when i joined (around mop 2014) to nighthold. It was pretty casual but it was fun and we just raided on the weekend and usually got up to heroic. But after nighthold it just kinda died down and stopped raiding. No idea why.

Reasons why you would like to join: I am starting to realise how lonley it is without any form of guild chat :P Also i want to be able to raid and not miss out. Also good to have some mates to do mythic+ with.

Are there any people in the guild that you know: Not that i know off.
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Re: Sarodogs Death Knight

Postby Lawnlurker on Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:29 pm

Amagawd a dk! Upvoted!
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Re: Sarodogs Death Knight

Postby Løyning on Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:34 pm

Heya Saro, thanks for the app! We'll look it over and have a chat amongst ourselves.
Will get back to you when we've made our collective minds up. :)
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Re: Sarodogs Death Knight

Postby Løyning on Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:28 pm

We've discussed your application, and decided to offer you a trial.

Welcome, and see you in the green! :)
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