Apply Sterretjes Warrior tank

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Apply Sterretjes Warrior tank

Postby Sterretjes on Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:57 pm

Character name:Sterretjes

Character class:Warrior

Character level:85

Character spec, please explain why you chose this spec: Tank beccouse i got Tank exp from tbc to cata I love to tank

Which glyphs are you using, and why: revange/devastate/schield slam ... piercing howl/shockwave/cleave .....demoroar /command / berserk rage

What do you think is important for your character to focus on: Mmm tanking ofc Os is not inportend yet on my oppinion ill focus on getting The best first than os later or underway depends

Do you have an offspec, and do you have gear for it: arms OS might go Fury when im collecting gear meanwile

Character tradeskill professions and levels: Inscripter /herb low lvl was focusing on lvl but going to lvl soon

In The Devils Backbone we use Ventrillo. Can you use it, do you have a microphone for speaking: yes and yes always on it

How long have you been playing, and at 80 (use /played in-game): My Previous acc was oldskool i playt from first weak it came out i had exp on all classes exept rogue i played over 2years healer and aroudn 2/3 years tanking Dps i do for fun i did on main in wotlk ICC hc whit magma if you may remember and few raids whit pure My main was nightcamp if you may remeber i lost my acc blizzz somewhan locked it for ever started over and here i am :) sterretjes back in action

Raid experience
Classic: All raid but not naxx 40 only done around 6-7 not sure anymore long time ago
TBC: All raids sunwell 4-5 bosses and The Eye dident got kaelthas down
WotLK: All raids and all HC modes

Will you be able to attend the raids (answer yes, no or maybe):
Monday 20.15-23.00:y
Tuesday 20.15-23.00:y
Thursday 20.15-23.00:y

Make sure to give us an armory link (please log off in your PvE gear):

Also, make sure to have your gear enchanted. Under geared people may still get accepted if they take the effort to enchant their gear properly. Conversely, well geared people with no enchants will be turned down.

What sets you aside from other applicants: i got some good Friend in your where i can work good whit

Previous guild(s): The exiles just a lvl guild

Reason(s) why you left previous guild(s):i havent left but i will just so i can raid whit some serieus players

Reasons why you would like to join:Friend in your guild recommand you guys as good Raiding guild and i woult love to fill in my part

Were all of the above characters levelled by you from the start?:yes ofc im not a Ebay nuubie::)

Any alts you would like to join with:na in focusing on 1 character and that my War tank

Are there any people in the guild that you know: Naytiri ... superkiekske

if Tanks spots are filled im willing to fill my part as social and if tank spot if open im willing to fill in my part :D
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