dokterdre (elemental shaman)

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dokterdre (elemental shaman)

Postby dokterdre (imported) on Mon May 05, 2008 12:18 am

name: dokterdre

Race : dreanei

Class : shaman

Specc: elemental 41/0/20

Raiding experiance : i have cleared Kara a couple times , downed Gruul to a couple a times and i have been in TK once and downed solarian

key's and attunements: i posses all heroic key's (including the new MGT dungeon) and i'm exalted to Karazhan

Reason i wanna join TDB is that i'm sick of being in a guild that only does Karazhan , i was in legendary masters and i loved it there but GM had problems and then the guild fall apart now i'm in angels reborn but they had problems be4 i joined them that i didn't know of and now they are doing Karazhan to and sometimes ZA.

Personal information: my real name is Robin Van Marcke , i'm from belgium and i'm 17 years old.i go training after scool so i'm pretty atlethiek.

Raiding day's : Monday:Yes

Tuseday : Yes

wednesday : Yes

Thursday : Yes

Friday : No

Saterday : No (atleast can't depend on me can be that i am online on saterday)

Sunday : Yes

i have 5 Alts : Druid 46 , mage 31 , rogue 30 warrior 15 and warlock 7

If there are things u need to know more about me plz whisper me Greetz dokterdre and hope to hear more from u peeps soon /cheers.
dokterdre (imported)

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