Combat rogue

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Combat rogue

Postby Alt on Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:45 pm

Character name: Altaira ( alt )

Character class: Rogue

Character level: 80

Character spec: combat

Character tradeskill professions and levels: Skinning 450 Lw 340

In The Devils Backbone we use Ventrillo. Can you use it, do you have a microphone for speaking: No mic atm

Naxx wings 10 man: Fully cleared

Sartharion 10 man: cleared

Malygos 10 man: not yet

Naxx cleared 25 man: half of it

Sartharion 25 man: cleared

Malygos 25 man: not yet

Ulduar 10 man: Fl, razor, Xt-500 and Kologarn

Ulduar 25 man: Not yet

Trial 10 man: not yet

Trial 25 man:not yet

Make sure to give us an armory link (try to log off in the gear you wish to raid in e.g. healers log off in healing gear) ... &n=Altaira

Previous guild(s): Gatemasters of hell

Reasons why you would like to join: Raid more and to end-game content

Were all of the above characters levelled by you from the start?: yes

Any alts you would like to join with:
Not at the moment
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