Warrior -Arms DPS looking for new home - lipidsting

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Warrior -Arms DPS looking for new home - lipidsting

Postby Lipidsting on Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:50 am

Character name: Lipidsting

Character class: warrior

Character level:80

Character spec: Arms DPS 56/15/0 (got experience in fury and prot (36.5k unbuffed health 543 defence), so I am happy to fill any needed roles)

Character tradeskill professions and levels: Blacksmithing 450 and mining 450 / first aid 450

In The Devils Backbone we use Ventrillo. Can you use it, do you have a microphone for speaking: Yeah, its the voice system I have always used for raiding

Naxx wings 10 man: cleared

Sartharion 10 man: cleared (+1 as well)

Malygos 10 man: never downed (drake phase would always get us)

Naxx cleared 25 man: cleared

Sartharion 25 man: cleared (+1 as well)

Malygos 25 man: never attempted

Ulduar 10 man: cleared up watchers, managed hodir, freya and thorim, have attempted mimiron (wiped on 20%), attempted yogg on a saved run (got to phase 3 before it fell apart, far too many tentacles were up)

Ulduar 25 man: only done up to xt in a pug ( original guild was 10 man oriented)

Trial 10 man: full clear, got to ice howl on northrend beasts hc before a massive crash enrage occurred

Trial 25 man: never cleared anything, have tried to pug northrend beasts to no avail (no one seems to understand the poisons from acidmaw and dreadscale whenever I pug)

Make sure to give us an armory link (try to log off in the gear you wish to raid in e.g. healers log off in healing gear)

Sorry about the state of the gear, mainly the fact its not hit capped (I can ensure you that will be fixed shortly).
I am currently sitting on a large supply of epic strength gems (20+ ones). I am just getting the emblems for the t8.5 helm and chest at the moment and will fully gem up as my gear improves ( I don't intend to fully gem armour pen, unless a can get my hands on grim toll like trinket) enchants will of course be updated to epic quality with new gear.
Prior to my drop in hit rating I was pulling 3.5K average dps on voa 25 man, with my peak dps scoring 4.5k on the stationary bosses (with heroism)

Also, make sure to have your gear enchanted. Under geared people may still get accepted if they take the effort to enchant their gear properly. Conversely, well geared people with no enchants may be turned down, or told to enchant their gear ASAP before raids.

Previous guild(s): Final Answer (Azjol-nerub) - My only ever raiding guild. I have been an officer in FA since its start up and its recent collapse has been heart breaking. I am the sort of guy who like to devote time to a single guild and stay, with that guild, through as much content as possible. However, with only enough people to raid once a week and with no other officer support (As all the other officers including the GM have left wow completely), the guild has fallen apart.

Reasons why you would like to join: Drexx is a real life friend of mine (we go to the same school :D )and he is always singing praise about the devil's backbone. The guild seems perfect for my raiding style: Casual, sociable and yet still hardcore. While I am an experienced raider in 10 man content, 25 man has always been just out of my reach - It has always been an aspiration of mine to raid the top content at 25 man level, missing out do to a lack of players on my previous server. A good sociable guild is a must for me when playing wow, I couldn't imagine raiding without one.
Raiding with drexx and the devil's backbone seems like alot of fun, and I am more that willing to pay for both a server transfer and faction change to join you guys :D

Were all of the above characters levelled by you from the start?: yep

Any alts you would like to join with: nope just lipid for now

I am more than happy to answer any questions about my raiding history, my spec mechanics (I really enjoy reading up on wow, drexx can confirm some wasted chemistry lessons :D ) or just any information on me as a person.
I hope you all like the application.

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