hunter apply ;)

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hunter apply ;)

Postby Garia on Fri May 08, 2009 7:09 pm

Character name: Garia

Character class: Hunter

Character level: 74, 80 in 1½-2 weeks

Character spec: Survival, can always be changed :)

Character tradeskill professions and levels: around 400 LW and 440 skinning

In The Devils Backbone we use the WoW voice chat. Please make sure you are familiar with it. A microphone is not required but you do need to listen to tactics and hilarious banter. Ofc ^^

Naxx wings cleared 10 man: All on Paladin

Sartharion 10 man: yes on paladin

Malygos 10 man: yes on paladin

Naxx wings cleared 25 man: all on paladin

Sartharion 25 man: +2 drakes on paladin

Malygos 25 man: yes on paladin

Ulduar 10 man: up to Mimiron

Ulduar 25 man: up to Freya

Make sure to give us an armory link (try to log off in the gear you wish to raid in e.g. healers log off in healing gear) ... on&n=Garia only 74 so far though ;p

Also, make sure to have your gear enchanted. Under geared people may still get accepted if they take the effort to enchant their gear properly. Conversely, well geared people with no enchants may be turned down, or told to enchant their gear ASAP before raids.

Previous guild(s): The Devils Backbone :p stopped playing alliance at wotlk release so i transfered this character to another server so it would be on the same server as my rl friends chars

Reasons why you would like to REjoin: I remember u as the most friendly helpful and fun guild ive ever been in and it would be a pleasure to play with you again! :) I also know that u are a very good and focused guild when it comes to raiding and i hope that if i get to join i will get to raid some with u again :)

Were all of the above characters levelled by you from the start?: yes ofc

Any alts you would like to join with: none yet :)
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